Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Delights

Who could have asked for better Canberra weather or a better experience than the Easter hunt at Rodney's Nursery on Easter Sunday?!

80 registered children all recieved a bag of goodies filled with a Schleich horse or a set of wooden castanets donated from ChildPlay, organic raisins supplied by my new neighbour, Brindabella Baby, as well as lots of discount vouchers to be used online or instore at several Canberra retail and service outlets.

The children all eagerly awaited the clock chiming 2pm when the hunt began. And they were off......1400 easter eggs, as well as several large golden eggs lay waiting in the grounds of the cafe lawns for tiny hands to shovel them into the bags. It took all of 3 minutes to clear the lawns of its treasure.
The day was organised not only for the fun of the hunt, but to raise the awareness of Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. Tyler James and his family attended the hunt, which was so wonderful. You can read more about Tyler's journey with cancer at 4TylerJames. All proceeds from the sausage sizzle (donated by Griffith Butchery), the wine tastings (donated by Shaw Vineyard Estate), the face painting, and the raffles went to Neuroblastoma research. This year we have raised over $600 so far and still counting....

Childplay set up a stall which impressed all the mums and dads with their extensive range of educational toys for children. It's all about the hands-on experience for the children in their store, so I highly recommend taking a toddler out to play at Childplay!

Chocolate Mamas not only donated all the easter eggs for the children to find, but also held a little stall with their specialty, chocolate truffles. The strawberry and white chocolate truffle was devine. I bought a box, took it home and had 2 more with a cup of tea after dinner. Yum.

Chris & Shamsa supplied our facepainting, donating their time. Some amazing characters and designs emerged from the little corner of the playground we had set up for the face painters!

Tania McCartney read Riley and the Sleeping Dragon and Riley and the Dancing Lion to the children before the hunt - it helped to divert their attention from the egg hiding going on before their little beady eyes!
Thank you to everyone that came. Thank you to Melissa and Terry and Tyler for coming before the big footy game. I am glad you made it and I am glad MissChief Maker could do this to raise awareness for a cancer that has no cure.

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