Thursday, July 8, 2010

Winning Babies Week 4

We had an overwhelming amount of entrants in our final week of Babies in Beanies photographic competition. So many gorgeous winter faces.

This week we have 6 finalists, the three top babies from each site with the highest number of votes.

Tai T, Patrick A, and Liam N (L - R) are in it for the boys........

Genevieve K and Amarli H and Ruby K, (L - R)are representing the girls for week 4!

Well done to all the beautiful entrants - we loved looking at all those photos.

Don't forget there are 4 'Wild Cards' to join the finalists. 1 from each week being added to the final 16. You have to check out the Canberra Weekly Magazine this week, issue out 12th July 2010, to find out who the Wild Cards are and to see all the finalists as you have voted.

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