Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Stock into MissChief Maker

Oooohh....I am sooo excited. It's been a great week with some new suppliers to MissChief Maker as well as new stock from some of my favourites! Take a peek.....

Little Toot, a very new brand from Port Macquarie, found me recently and bought some absolute treasures into the shop on Saturday. I can't wait till she starts sewing for MissChief Maker! Some of my favourites were the 'peasant tops' that will be made up to a size 8, the 'bubble top' again in larger sizes too - and not forgetting the boys (phew! someone thinking of the boys) these light-weight denim shorts with printed hems with fantastic pocket detail. I'd almost want to have a boy just to put him in these shorts!

Poppit Designs, a local Canberra mum of 2 boys, a sculpture artist and of course creator of Poppit - is supplying MissChief Maker with canvas wall hanging sets made from Japanese fabrics.

Last but not least - the fabulous Jo Kent of The Owls are Hunting, has brought in a whole heap of new stock for MissChief Maker. I shake with excitement whenever Jo turns up at the shop! 7 little lamps reside at MissChief Maker...for now anyway


  1. Oh yes, JO is a true star, love her lamps & shades, she's so incredible!! Love Posie

  2. Oh stop it! You're making me blush! Loving those cute bubble tops!! Jo.