Saturday, January 9, 2010


As I was looking for a photo for my very clever supplier, TillyTom, who creates the gorgeous Gypsy & Tilda dresses for MissChief Maker, I found myself trowling through beautiful old photos of my little misschief maker. Sitting in the shop, I have a little giggle and a little cry to myself.

I've always sworn that one child is enough, aiming to get parenting one right without dirupting the balance too much (!!) but those photos just pulled on the heart strings. So delicate. So beautiful. A human life.

I loved being pregnant. Here at 39 weeks I thought I was ready to pop - but no, she stayed in for another 2 weeks after that! Does this all mean I'm clucky!!??


  1. oh lovely, sweet photos. well i always wanted 4 children, i came from 4 & we had a nice balance growing up. i never question why people have one or ten children, but geesh, i get asked all the time if i meant to have 4!! i know, bit rude, & they are the loveliest 4 children you could ever hope to have. when people ask if my life is chaos, i say my children are easy to love. love those details on creative families, my husband might be a soldier but he can cook, paint, do ceramics & sew, a tiny bit. our chidlren know nothing more than having 2 parents with something in their hands, creating, planting, growing & making. love the blog, love Posie

  2. Welcome to the blogspotophere, gorgeous girl! LOVING these amazing photos!!! Tx

  3. Beautiful photos! Loved your previous blog post about what you're reading too - Sarah Napthali is on my reading list too.

  4. Go on. Have another one! You know you want to. I love those photos. Ava looks like a little doll. And well, you just look gorgeous. Love the blog. You've done a terrific job. Who did you get Buddhism for Mothers from - was it a great little bookstore you know??? Carls x