Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Those buttons are making a comeback

I have a LOT of buttons. I've been collecting them for years. But somehow, even though I must have close to 10,000 I never seem to have the right ones for the job. I am always looking for more. I run an ad in the free classified in Canberra Times requesting any old grannies to give up their stash for me. For free! Bold. huh. It didn't give me to return I was hoping for but i got a few little jars and some haberdashery from the 70's!

I've been making button necklaces for some time. About 7 years. They come and go. They were big in Sydney a few years back when Longrain - the best Thai restaurant in Sydney - had a market just before Christmas. I sold over 30 necklaces in 6 hours! I also used to frequent Surry Hills and Kirrabilli markets with success.

Jen Leheny
makes cool button necklaces too. Maybe I could get my hands on her stash now that she's a fabulous photographer and all?!

So a few have made it into the shop over the past few months. I am re-inspired again (part of that new year's resolution to get crafting more and use up the stashed of stuff in my cupboards). Button necklace making is on the adgenda.

Hopefully MixTape zine (that crafty Melbourne mag) will publish a button necklace tutorial of my latest creation? The kids issue is coming up, look out for Issue 13. And starting collecting nanna's old buttons or send them to me if you don't want them. I'll love them!


  1. I prey on old haberdasheries closing down & have a few buttons to show for my patience. Buttons, in my opinion, never went out of style!! Great work Katie, love Posie

  2. Well I never thought I would say it but at 10,000 I have button envy!